Saturday, February 12, 2022

Hello there...

 It's been quite a while - best of intentions, etc. And yet - things have remained dormant here. If anyone is out there listening, and you feel the need to jam your earholes with a new podcast, why not this? 

A little backstory - Back in late 2011, I hung out around (and wrote for) a website called (may it rest in peace). They had branched out into video games, and I was a regular on a video-game centric podcast called "Blast Processing" (also RIP.) 

That led to a movie-centric podcast - spearheaded by myself, and Jury Room (the oh-so-clever name for the DVDVerdict chat forums) alumnus, Jon Mercer, Andrew Forbes, and Gabriel Girard. All of us were Canadians, so we decided, "Fuck it, 'They Came from the North!'"

We launched in April of 2012 - the format was that each episode we would choose a film director, and highlight their "Good, Bad, and Ugly" films. The first episode was cult-action filmmaker (and producer of Alien) Walter Hill. Just shy of three years, and 50 or so episodes later, we ended with Martin Scorsese. Life, being a complicated thing, had decided that now was not the time for podcasts. 

We never amassed any kind of a following, but from a handful of people, we received some wonderful praise. I think our highest-rated episode sat somewhere around 200 plays. 

Recently, life having calmed a bit with this whole Global-Pandemic thing going on, the podcasting bug had returned. Gabirel immediately reached out to me, and we decided, "Fuck it, 'They Came from the North!'"

The formula has changed slightly, but please - give a listen, and let us know what you think! If you feel so inclined, find us on podcast services and give us a boost! 

Hope you enjoy! 


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